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Welcome to our website. Laisterdyke Leadership Academy is a partnership between pupils, staff, parents and our wider stakeholder community. We recognise the contributions of every member of our academy community and, through our vision of nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders, we aim to create an environment where the strengths and potential of all are realised; the needs of individuals are respected, and high expectations are achieved.

Through our commitment to educational excellence, character development and service to communities, we encourage our pupils to achieve to the best of their ability; developing a healthy self-esteem, an appreciation of others and a sense of responsibility for their environment and the local community.

Like all Star schools, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum and, through our leadership specialism, we provide a range of project-based and extra-curricular activities that encourage pupils to develop the characteristics of moral leadership, performance leadership and civic leadership, as well as pursuing their own individual interests and skills. Opportunities for civic and charitable action help pupils to realise the importance of giving back to their communities, as well as encouraging them to develop a caring and compassionate approach to life.

Within the context of an innovative, supportive and inclusive learning environment, our pupils are encouraged to follow our academy’s STAR values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect, modelling the behaviour which will help them to achieve success and become exemplary and productive citizens.

The academy is committed to continuous improvement and, through effective leadership, efficient structures and collaboration with our sponsor, we believe wholeheartedly that Laisterdyke’s pupils are capable of achieving wonderful things, both individually and collectively.

Paul Johnson