Food preparation and nutrition equips pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook a variety of different meals, whilst making informed choices about their diet, nutrition and health. Pupils develop vital life skills that will help them to become more self-sufficient, learning how to prepare and cook food safely, using appropriate techniques (frying, boiling, baking etc.). Pupils also learn about how to store food responsibly and the health hazards associated with failing to do so.

Pupils are taught to recognise the physiological and psychological effects of a poor diet and develop an understanding of the functional properties and chemical processes associated with different types of food, along with its nutritional content.

Pupils will have the opportunity to follow a variety of different recipes, ranging from traditional British food to international cuisine, to inspire new ideas and broaden their culinary repertoire.

Curriculum Overview

Food is taught at KS3 as part of the Art / Design Technology carousel where pupils learn basic food skills, hygiene and safety, building up their confidence in using hand tools and electrical equipment. For more information, please refer to the Design Technology subject page.

Key Stage 4 Key Stage 4 Key Stage 4
  • Functions of a number of different foods in the body
  • Main sources of food in the diet
  • Effects of a deficiency or excess of a certain range of foods in the diet
  • The reasons why food is cooked
  • Introduction to the 5 key topics
  • Comprehensive coverage of the 5 Key topics:
    • Food, nutrition and health
    • Food science
    • Food safety
    • Food choice
    • Food provenance
  • The different ways that heat can be transferred
  • Writing a hypothesis or prediction about the most effective way of cooking vegetables to retain freshness and nutritional values
  • Working in groups to use different methods of cooking a vegetable
  • Expand knowledge on the 5 key topics for the GCSE examination
  • To prepare, cook and serve a healthy savoury product suitable for a teenager
  • To showcase a range of technical skills when preparing and cooking a suitable savoury dish

Internal assessments take place every half term.

KS4 Exam Board Specification: AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Enrichment Offer

After-school sessions are offered to KS4 pupils studying Food Preparation and Nutrition each week.

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