A team from Laisterdyke Leadership Academy is hoping to drive forward the second hand car market after securing the backing to launch an innovative mobile phone app developed by pupils at the secondary academy.

A team of 20 Year 9-13 students took part in a five-day national programme centred around leadership and entrepreneurship with Digital Advantage, an award winning community interest company and ground breaking initiative for young people, delivered by The White Room. It brings together a range of industry experts with schools, colleges and sixth forms to deliver digital industry skills and work experience into the classroom.

In addition to formulating the concept and designing the app, the pupils created a full business plan for the app, which was based on market research gathered by pupils. To ensure the product would be a success and stand out from the thousands of apps on the market, pupils developed a striking brand identity for the MechFix app, as well as creating a social media presence and promotional film. A website, developed by the pupils, has been set up to explain their concepts and the processes that power the app. Since September Digital Advantage has been working with the pupils alongside EXA Networks, a national network company which will invest money and manpower, to carry out further research into the market and develop a prototype app next academic year, with the aim of launching it on the Play Store and Apple Store.

The team of pupils have now won £2,000 for the school after designing an app called MechFix. The innovative app helps users to find trustworthy mechanics, as well as enabling car owners to store information about their vehicle’s servicing and maintenance record. Potential car buyers can then access this information on the app, which also provides information about MOTs, insurance, tax and service history.

Principal Karen Jones said:

“We are all very proud of the team. This is an exceptional achievement for the school and by all the pupils involved with this programme. Taking part in schemes like this help apply what is learned in the curriculum to real life situations and prepares our pupils to join an increasingly competitive job market that places high value on digital skills.”

To find out more about the team behind MechFix click here

A TEAM of pupils from Laisterdyke Leadership Academy has won £2,000 for designing an innovative app for car owners

The promotional video for MechFix can be viewed below